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 Alarian 2.7

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Date d'inscription : 04/07/2009
Age : 21

Alarian 2.7 Empty
MessageSujet: Alarian 2.7   Alarian 2.7 EmptyDim 5 Juil - 12:23

HalasThora a écrit:
-PLEASE don't post offtopic crap like argumenting, general discussion, personally directed messages, etc.
-Please stop repeating requests, if it's not anything new.
So... If it's done in GH3 or Rockband, then please DON'T mention it! If you have a NEW idea that hasn't been done in any other game EVER. Or the solution for a feature, then feel free to post it.
-Please stop repeating known issues.
-Please don't post useless bugreports like "My game crashes HELP!!"
IF you want help, use this template for your bugreports. In most other cases you'll simply be ignored, ridiculed, insulted or met with extreme sarcasm and irritation:
0. Create an empty fretsonfire.ini in your gamefolder, if the problem persists, continue with the bugreport below.
1. In which version did the bug start?
2. Do you get any information in FretsOnFire.exe.log? (Delete the file, restart game and recreate the bug)
3. Describe what you're experiencing is happening.
4. Describe what you're expecting to happen.
5. If possible, provide describing Screenshot(s) and/or a Video of your problem.


About Double-pick problem on guitar controllers!
- When strumming down, up, down, up, ... the game doesn't always register all the picks. Now this has been bugging me since... well... always.
I have got the Xbox Xplorer guitarcontroller and it's safe to say that the problem I'm experiencing is caused by the controller!
The "strum-button" on the controller is registered by the computer as "Point of View Hat" and this causes problems since it's not a button that you can release. FoF won't register when you release the button. What I did was to download Xpadder:
You can link the "strum-button" to 2 keys on the keyboard instead, this solved my problem.

About Variable/Speed-dependent Hitwindow! Exact values here
Set the hitwindow to tight and tweak the A/V-Delay so it's right when you hit the notes when listening to the music. This is now easy with the new Accuracy indicator.
Remember that the correct A/V-Delay is different on every computer depending on system, prestanda and audio-settings.

+This mod would not be in it's current state if it wasn't for the other main contributors. Don't just thank me, remember to thank Blazingamer, Glorandwarf, Myfingershurt and QQStarS for their huge (and constant) code contributions. And Worldrave for his dedicated work on perfecting the GH3-mod graphics.

New version 2.7

Known issues - Please do not post anything about these issues if it's not a
solution. If it's an extensive solution, please PM it to me. These issues are being worked on!! Keep in mind that these issues have been in the game since UC Mod and are not unique to this specific version.

- Starpower/Overdrive is not working properly. (Don't have to hit all notes to aquire the charge)
- The GH1 and GH2 themes need coding to go from Beta to Finished.
- The Custom themes feature is not finished
- The selectable Stages feature is not finished
- No white tails at OD-phrase in RB mod
- Sound gets distorted when you play certain parts (e.g. the Bass part in Hangar 18).

- Animations are running at different speeds depending on the amount of notes.

New in 2.7
+Changed the neckspeed calculation to better reflect BPM-changes.
+New yourock, youfailed and random neck images by EdisLeado
+2.63bHotfix #8 by Myfingershurt (DRUMS!!!!!!)
-Frame-animations are still running at different speeds Sad

This mod is based on the Ultimate Coffee's Ultimate Mod
which was built on RF_Mod made by Rogue_F
Main coders in alphabetical order:
Alarian, Blazingamer, Capo, Glorandwarf, Myfingershurt,
ShiekOdaSandz, Trinidude4, QQStarS
Main graphic contributors in alphabetical order:
Alarian, Ds~, Dævid, EdisLeado, Skor, Worldrave
Honorary credits to:
Rogue_F, h3r1n6, Ultimate Coffee
Other credits in alphabetical order:
Aduro, blessedmain911, Chadman, Divra, Evil Ken, FoZZ,
Kookoz, Lnkk, Meteorito, Pudding, Racer 13, Raph666,
RavenSourcious, Seraph88, TXF, v4vendetta, YMS

Online Scores

Full Download 2.7 (5 Themes) Alarian2.7.exe.html

Minimal Download 2.7 (1 STRIPPED Theme only)
2.7 Light Download GH3-Theme (No main menu music, no Main menu or options backgrounds, 1 neck, 1 stage background): ?2yfodljj2te Alarian2.7_GH3mini.exe.html
rar-archive (includes hotfix#1):
GH3 mini: ?nbbmkxxtngm
Rockband mini: ?dtm1jnzyfi3

Latest Mac version

Latest Linux version

Recommended Downloads/Guides
Run Video in background:;f=11;t=22579
EOF 1.1, Amazing program for fretting songs:;f=11;t=22606
Animated Backgrounds Thread:;f=11;t=23825

For the future
1. Drums part (h3r1n6)
2. Merged Difficulty-, part-, neck-, scene background
3. Career mode
4. Crossfading backgrounds in Random Rotation mode.
This doesn't mean I'll make it in this order, it's just the priorities I have
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Alarian 2.7
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